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Cello and music stand

Our Story

The Vancouver Cello Club was founded in 1969 by Ian Hamilton as a cello-only chamber ensemble. Its mandate was expanded in 1972 when it was founded as a society to foster interest in cello playing. Hampton was the first president of the club and was succeeded by Audrey Piggott from 1983-89, before once again resuming the position. Lee Duckles, former principal cellist of the Vancouver Symphony, is the current VCC president.

Who We Are

The organization has promoted interest in cello repertoire – particularly in works for two or more cellos – and has provided a meeting ground for professional, amateur, and student cellists.

The clubs chief activities include workshops, master classes, and recitals, as well as the establishment of several awards, including the Caroline E. Riley Scholarship and the Audrey Piggott Memorial Scholarship.

The club has an extensive library of cello literature housed in the Vancouver Academy of Music and encourages the writing of new music for cello, which has resulted in works from Jack Behrens, Robert Buckley, Jean Coulthard, Alex Pauk, Audrey Piggott, and R. Murray Schafer. The Vancouver Cello Club became a member of the American Cello Council in the early 1980s.

Board of Directors


Lee Duckles


Dawn Binnington


Nicholas Read


Alex Cheung, Judith Fraser, Cristian Márkos, Audrey Nodwell, Paul Westwick

American Cello Council Delegate and Newsletter Editor

Judith Fraser

Student Representative

Carl Lemer

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